Prism Academy FAQs

What is Prism Academy?

Prism Academy is GraphPad’s online statistics and data visualization training platform. It contains over 125 videos and hours of learning material taught by highly-technical experts.

How can I access Prism Academy?

You can access Prism Academy directly through your Prism license. Launch the software and then click the Prism Academy button on the bottom left of your Prism welcome screen. You can also access Prism Academy in the top left corner of your toolbar.  

How do I sign into Prism Academy for the first time? 

If you have a valid Prism subscription, whether it be personal or group, you will be able to access Prism Academy directly through your Prism software by clicking the Prism Academy button in your Prism software. If you do not see the button, this means you are either running an older version of the Prism software and need to update, or, you are using a perpetual license. 


Is Prism Academy included with the free Prism trial?

No, you will need to purchase a Prism subscription before accessing Prism Academy.


How much does Prism Academy cost?

Prism Academy is free with an active Prism subscription and will only be accessible through the duration of the subscription. Prism Academy is not available for Prism users on a perpetual license. To learn about the benefits of a Prism subscription, or to purchase a Prism subscription and gain instant access to Prism Academy, click here.

If I cancel my Prism subscription, will I still have access to Prism Academy?

No, Prism Academy is free with an active Prism subscription only for the duration of their subscription.


Can I access Prism Academy through a mobile app? 

We don't currently offer a mobile app, but Prism Academy is fully mobile responsive so you can take your courses on the go from any phone, tablet, or computer! Prism Academy supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge


Why did I lose access to Prism Academy?

Please check to make sure your Prism subscription is active. If your Prism subscription is active and you still cannot access Prism Academy, please contact us by visiting

What free training resources do you have available?

At GraphPad, we believe it’s important to support our customers by providing educational resources that advance knowledge of Prism, statistics and data visualization. In addition to Prism Academy, you can access learning materials by visiting the GraphPad Resource Library and YouTube channel.

Can I search for videos in Prism Academy? 

Yes. In Prism Academy, you can search the video catalog by using the “Search” button in the sidebar.  Search videos by keyword to quickly navigate to topics of interest.


Can I get a refund for my paid Prism Academy membership?

Please contact for more information.


What do I do if I forget my Prism Academy password?

From the login page, click “Forgot your password?” From there you will receive an email with instructions to reset your password. 


Why can’t I access Prism Academy?

Prism Academy is only available with an active Prism subscription. Purchase a Prism subscription to gain access to Prism Academy. Once you purchase your subscription you will need to activate Prism and follow the [Prism Academy] button in the application. 


How do I access Prism Academy if I am using a group license?

Prism Academy is available to you as a user only from a computer that is licensed with your group valid Prism subscription. Please make sure you are using the computer that is associated with your Prism license and your Prism software is updated to the latest version (Prism 9.1 or higher). Follow the [Prism Academy] button in the Prism app to access the online learning center. Each individual user under the group license will need to register for their own customer account when they access Prism Academy if they do not already have a customer account at Prism Academy requires individual accounts, rather than one shared account because Prism Academy provides each person with their own personalized view of their progress.

Why am I logged out of Prism Academy?

Your Prism Academy session on the web lasts 31 days. You must sign back into Prism Academy after 31 days to access the online learning center. 


What happens to my Prism Academy membership when I renew my Prism subscription?

When you renew your license, your Prism Academy online portal login information will remain the same so you can continue to track your progress. 

How is Prism Academy being bundled with Prism subscriptions?

Prism Academy is free with an active Prism subscription for the duration of the subscription. Prism Academy is not available for Prism users on a perpetual license. To learn about the benefits of a Prism subscription, or purchase a Prism subscription and gain instant access to Prism Academy, click here


I am a group subscription license administrator. How do my users access Prism Academy under our group subscription?

Your users have access to Prism Academy, included with your valid subscription. The resources are available through an online portal accessed via the Prism software itself. Each individual user will need to register for their own customer account when they access Prism Academy, preferably using their institutional email address rather than a personal email address. Prism Academy requires individual accounts rather than one shared account because Prism Academy provides each user with a personalized view of their learning progress. 

Your users can access Prism Academy directly through their Prism application on the machine that is licensed under your serial number. Just click the Videos button on the left of the Prism welcome screen, or the orange Get Started button.

They can also access Prism Academy from the Help option in the Prism toolbar. 


I am a Group subscription administrator. Why can't my users access Prism Academy? 

They may need to update to the latest version of Prism (Prism 9.1 or higher) to access Prism Academy. If they have not done so already, they will need to set up their own customer record using their email address at They may also need to clear their cookies before trying to launch Prism Academy from within the Prism software itself.

If only one or several users of a group sub can’t access Prism Academy, you need to check their Prism Academy associations in My Account/Activations tab/Email column.

  • There is only ‘Activation' email in the user cell. User didn’t try to access or his machine is not connected to the internet.

  • User ‘Activation’ email is correct, but ‘Academy' email differs from it. User can use specified email or your can reset it by clicking ‘(x)’ and confirming the action in popup. After that clear browser cookies and click Prism Academy button in the Prism app one more time. User sign ups or sign ins with the intended email.

If your users are still having trouble accessing Prism Academy, please have them reach out to our team by visiting 


How can users access Prism Academy on a computer that has multiple users? 

Prism Academy is user-based, while our Prism software licensing is machine-based. So, while yes, you are permitted to let many users access Prism from one computer, the portal to access Prism Academy is intrinsically designed for a single user to access their personalized portal from a specific machine.

In the case of the shared machine, the pathway to Prism Academy will become associated with the customer record of whoever logs in to Prism Academy from that computer. However, from our perspective, it's fine for one user's Prism Academy portal to be shared between multiple users on that computer. They simply won't each get a personalized tracker of their individual progress with the learning materials. 

You can view which of your users are accessing Prism Academy from your online account page. Simply click on the Activations tab, If a user has accessed Prism Academy from a particular machine, you will see the email address they used to set up their Prism Academy portal in the individual activation entries of your activation report.



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