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Accurately interpret statistical results

Do more than analyze your data. Master the key concepts of essential statistics, learn how to select the right analysis, and avoid common mistakes.

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Create publication-quality graphs

Discover the best graph and plot types to present your data and learn the best practices for creating successful graphs including deep dives into customization options.

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Get the most value from Prism

Designed for beginners and advanced users, learn how to master unique tools and features within Prism to help you streamline your workflow.

125+ Video Tutorials Taught by Highly-Technical Experts

  • Exclusive FREE access to Intuitive Biostatistics, the leading biostatistics resource for working scientists
  • Interactive quizzes and certifications to test your knowledge and demonstrate expertise
  • Improve accuracy interpreting and presenting your research
  • Master the art of data visualization and presentation
  • Become more efficient and productive using Prism
Video Tutorials

Example Courses

Statistics Bootcamp

Get the statistical background you need to start performing analyses in Prism with confidence.

10 lessons
81 minutes

Mastering the
of Prism

Quickly and easily master the basics of starting a project and navigating the features in Prism.

9 lessons
57 minutes

Prism Graphs

Get an overview of the graph and plot types available to present your data in Prism.

8 lessons
108 minutes

Best Practices
for Data

Get the most from your data by learning data visualization techniques for scientific research from an expert in the field.

12 lessons
90 minutes

How to Prepare
Your Data for

Learn how to perform the most common types of data manipulations in Prism.

7 lessons
27 minutes

How to Choose the
Right Statistical

Make the right analysis choice in common scenarios where the choice is not always clear.

8 lessons
20 minutes

Master Prism and key concepts in statistics and data visualization

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