How do I manage my group license?

To manage your Prism subscription,login at:

A username and initial password were provided to the site administrator when the subscription was set up. The username is the site administrator’s email address. If additional people need access to the subscription, (for example, if the site administrator is out of the office) you can add them as alternate administrators. Log in to your Prism subscription account, click "Group Profile" and add them as an alternate administrator. Once you have added their email address, they can access the account by going to the login page at They will enter their email as the username and then click "Set Password" to establish their password. Once logged in, you may:

  • View your serial number(s) 
  • Download the installers
  • Learn how many times your license has been activated, and (if yours is a limited group license) how many more activations are available 
  • Find out when your license will expire 
  • See who has activated Prism
  • Manage who is allowed to activate Prism (by email addresses) 
  • Deactivate old machines, freeing up new activations 
  • Manage alternate administrators 
  • Reset your GraphPad account password 
  • Renew your subscriptions

You can always submit a request at if you need further assistance.

Two Ways to Manage Activations

As noted above, your account page provides a record of Prism activations within the current license term. There are two ways people can activate. The standard method requires that each user activate manually. It takes just a minute. They enter their email address into a form, and receive back an activation code which they enter into Prism. You can control who is allowed to activate this way via your “Manage Allowed Users” section of your account page. The alternative method is to allow and configure for silent activation. This requires an xml configuration file and is discussed in detail further in this document. If you do this, anyone who has the xml configuration file installed with Prism will be able to activate (regardless of who has been “allowed” via their email address on your account page). With silent activation, the user's email is never sent to, so the list of allowed email addresses is ignored.

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