How do I distribute a group license?

The annual group subscription option is the best option for multiple users. When you purchase a subscription license, we set up an online account for you to download and distribute your Prism license and monitor your group's usage (not available with individual licenses). You can also designate who you wish to allow to activate Prism under your subscription and assign other people as administrators of the license. If you permanently decommission a computer, or if a user leaves your group without first uninstalling Prism from their personal computer and you want to reclaim the activation, you can permanently deactivate your license from that computer via your Prism account page, which will free up that activation to use on a new computer.

With the group license, you have the option of distributing Prism with silent activation, if you're set up to distribute software centrally to a large number of computers. You can find more details at the following link:

Also, you can easily add activations at any increment during your annual term to accommodate a growing group. We simply prorate the cost for the remaining time in your current annual term at the time that you want to expand the license. If your group grows to reach the next pricing tier, your add-on order will reflect that new pricing tier's volume price break. This add-on ability allows you to start low and increase your license during the annual term if needed.

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