Manuals and step-by-step examples for Prism 5

Note that Prism 5 is several years old. If you use Prism 5, make sure you are up to date.


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Getting Started

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Step-by-Step Examples - Nonlinear Regression

Fitting an enzyme kinetics curve

Comparing two enzyme kinetics models

Interpolating from a sigmoidal standard curve

Automatic outlier elimination (exponential decay)

Global nonlinear regression (two dose-response curves)

Dependency and ambiguous fits (dose-response curves)

Detailed help to fit built-in equations

Prism comes with dozens of built-in equations to use in nonlinear regression (of course you can also add your own equations). For each of the built-in equations, we provide a detailed description with step-by-step instructions. Here are a few examples:

Equation: log(agonist) vs. response -- Variable slope

Equation: log(inhibitor) vs. normalized response

Equation: One phase exponential decay

Equation: Competitive binding - One site - Fit Ki

Equation: Receptor binding - Dissociation kinetics

Equation: Mixed-model enzyme inhibition

Equation: Gaddum/Schild EC50 shift

Step-by-Step Statistical Examples

Descriptive Statistics

Column statistics

Frequency distribution

Compare two groups

Unpaired t test from raw data

Unpaired t test from averaged data

Paired t test

Mann-Whitney test

Wilcoxon matched pairs test

Compare three or more groups

One-way ANOVA

Repeated measures one-way ANOVA

Kruskal-Wallis test

Friedman test

Two-way ANOVA

Two-way ANOVA

Two-way ANOVA. Repeated measures by row

Two-way ANOVA. Repeated measures by column

Categorical outcomes

Contingency table analysis

Survival analysis

Diagnostic lab tests

ROC curve

Bland-Altman plot

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